How to: Get Rid of Dark Circles

VIIcode O2M Oxygen eye mask for dark circles

Sleeping masks became all the rage starting in 2018, and it’s still going strong into 2019. Not only is it a generally cool idea, but these masks go to work during the most vital time for skin, nighttime. Skin goes into overdrive to get rid of the old and turn over new, beautiful, healthy skin cells giving us a fresher appearance overall. What if I told you that this genius idea has found its way to something new, overnight eye masks? Yes, they actually exist.

I had never heard of anything like this before I came across a brand called VIIcode Beauty(vee too code). Eye care is what they are all about, and they have 2 different types of eye gels to choose from:

O2M Oxygen for overnight repair
O2M Oxygen for overnight repair

O2M Oxygen that is an overall repair and rejuvenate mask that takes care of tired looking eyes and also fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Then there is the O2M Oxygen for Dark Circles mask that does all that and goes a little further to banish racoon eyes. Needless to say I was intrigued, and VIIcode was kind enough to let me give them a try.

First of all, it’s well known that the skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile, and that’s why it’s the first place that begins to show signs of aging. Because it’s so thin, the blood underneath of dehydrated skin shows through as dark circles. How do you get rid of them? Well that’s a loaded question. Odds are you’ll never fully get rid of them, but there are ways to make them much less noticeable.

  • Drink more water

I know, I know. But the reason you hear this so often is because it’s true. Skin needs hydration first and foremost, and drinking water is the way to do that, period. More hydration equals skin that is more plump.

  • Exercise

Again, I know. Circulation is every bit as important as hydration and this is obviously the way to get your blood moving.

So what if you’re lazy like me? Thankfully there are products out there that include hydrating and circulation boosting ingredients. The VIIcode masks include essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants, proteins, peptides, and fatty acids. All of these help to plump the skin, and things like peptides can have amazing results, especially for wrinkles.

These eye gels are safe to use for up to 8 hours and they’re also safe for sensitive skin. Each box comes with six pairs of individually packaged eye gels. It’s recommended to use the gels three nights per week, so one box will last you about two weeks. A full eight hours will obviously give you the best results, but if leaving something on your face overnight isn’t your jam, you can wear these during the day for 2+ hours for a quicker pick me up.

VIIcode eye patches

My experience:

The gels do not feel like there is any kind of product on them, they just feel like a tacky gel. They have a soft backing on the outward facing side, so no worries about it attaching to your pillow and coming off. They have a slight floral-like scent, but it is not at all overwhelming or irritating. I have eyes that are very sensitive and had no problem with this.

The first night that I tried to use these, I yanked them off in the middle of the night. I wasn’t sleeping well at all, and it was one of those nights where every single little thing keeps you awake. Not tonight, sis. A couple nights later, I tried again and slept like a baby. I was anxious to see how these things worked. I went straight to the mirror and peeled them off to under eyes that were very visibly different than the mess I usually see. My undereyes that are typically a little hollow looked plump, even, and dare I say young. No kidding.

That first day, the dark circle results stuck around for a little while but faded away after a few hours. I noticed however that the results would last a bit longer after each use. I did also notice that, because these very much plumped my skin, the fine lines around my eyes were much less noticeable. Those results lasted longer for me.

All in all, I was really blown away by the results that I got from these. I’ve personally never had eye masks/gels/treatments/patches show such noticeable results before. They might be a little pricey for continual use, but I myself, would definitely invest in these to have on hand for those days when I want to look my best!


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