Hey there! This is a brand new blog, and I appreciate your patience while I’m getting her off the ground. I spend most of my time on Instagram posting pics of amazing beauty products. Plenty of people post about the trends, so I focus on the great stuff you might just be missing out on!

My friends call me Nova, and I’ve been schooled and trained in cosmetology, but not working in the field at this time. I’m also a mom of 2 from Ohio, a boy and a girl. Like most of us that spend the bulk of our time online, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I’ve also went through some other extremes in my life, but I’ve come out on the other side, and I’m working hard everyday to make my light shine bright enough that it touches others who need a little light in their life too.

I’m a member on Influenster, which is what really got me to virtually living on social media. I’m always looking to connect with other members, so holla if you’re a member too (or if you’re not 😜). I literally don’t have a computer right now, so don’t expect miraculous beauty on this blog, but we can still be friends and I can still share my personal knowledge and a few pretty pics with you!

I really love what I do, and wanted to branch out, so here I am. It would make my day for you to go on this journey of growing with me! Make sure to follow/subscribe, and you can find my social media below!